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The tutorial given here is largely based on my five day course. It starts with simple API definitions and expands over Design Patterns and libraries.

Working in parallel on many things, I will keep adding content to this section. There is always more to write about this subject especially now that our knowledge keeps expanding as more and more researchers are drawn to this area.


  Multiprocessing Traps & Pitfalls  

Designing parallelized systems has more to do with management than with programming. It is often very difficult for developers to move from a single task application to a multitask application. This transition requires a fundamental change in way developers think, the same way as moving from flat code C programming to OOP C++ programming.

  Multiprocessing Design Patterns  

There are many design patterns today that deal with multiprocessing and parallel computing. These are considered to be the most complicated issues when designing a system and therefore many patterns have evolved to help us. To this day the majority of design patterns where created to help us avoid the pitfalls of parallel computing. In other words we try to make our single process design work in a parallelized system.