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Introduction To Multicore Programming

This is an introduction lecture in Hebrew for managers, decision makers, programmers, and architects. There are no code samples in this lecture and it is here to introducde the area of multicore programming assuming that you are used to procedural design or object oriented design.

As the next generation of computers is already here, programmers are facing new challenges.
The changes that started a few years ago brought the next generation of development tools, debugging tools and profiling tools. Soon to be released are updates to languages such as C\++ and C#, adding to these languages built in support for parallel computing.
This session presents the background for the appearance of Multi-core processors. We will go over the new challenges that development teams and managers are about to face when entering the world of Multi-core programming, and we will learn from models and solutions that have already existed for many years. The session will also try to estimate what to expect in the near and the far future of Multi-core programming.
This lecture is suitable for managers and decision makers, architects, technology leaders, and also development teams


In Israel you can register for the lecture using the following link:

Click here to download the presentation as XPS file or as PDF file.

The full presentation is available as online video streaming at the following link: