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Process Monitor

A very useful tool By Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell that can be used to monitor individual threads in a process.

The information about the tool and a download link is available on the Microsoft Technet page.

Follow these instructions to profile a thread:

On the application's main menu: Options -> Select Columns, Check "Thread ID" on the bottom right.
On the main menu: Filter -> Filter, Instead of "Architecture" select "Process Name" when the process is running and find it in the list on the right. Click "Add" (Right box should say "Include").
On the toolbar click the right-most button to show profiling events.

You can also save the output log for later analysis.

This information can help you track down CPU usage and access to memory and resources.

Note that by default IRP_MJ_ events are excluded.

If you need to monitor a specific thread then you can filter by Thread ID.