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WinModules Library

This is a collection of classes using Windows API sets. You can download the library as a setup application. The setup will let you choose whether to install the dll files, sources files, and other modules.

Download the ASCII version of WinModules library using this link: Download WinModules ASCII.

The full source code can be found on the Open Source section of this website.

What's in the box:

  • String classes that allow things like sending OutputDebugString using Ods<<"my text "<<2<<Ods; and also allow reading of web pages using << operators
  • Graphics classes that editable shapes
  • Multimedia classes that let you play DirectShow video using << operators
  • Shared Memory template
  • TLS and Scope Lock templates
  • Working with resources such as packing files onto an exe to allow a self extractor file
  • Other classes such as file enumeration, registry, debug, etc.


What's not in the box:

  • This version is ASCII (multi-byte) only. The Unicode version is not yet completed.
  • The library does not fully compile on Windows CE
  • The library does not compile on the Kernel and memory allocation is not appropriate for the kernel.

You are welcome to use the code. Find more information on the headers and source files.