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Open Source

This is a collection of open source projects and sample applications.

I will keep adding samples in time only because I have too many of them.

The source code is parsed by a C# tool which I wrote for this purpose. This is also the first sample to be shared.

  All About Multi-Core 9.2009  

On September 2009 we held the event All About Multi-Core. Below is the list of projects demonstrated throughout the lectures. The code here is in C# because it is cleaner and more readable but the concepts apply better for C++. Some parts have illustrative code to demonstrate a technique or a programming concept.

  Joystick Mouse Emulator  

The tool demonstrates use of the Joystick. When executed the application is waiting as a tray icon. Movement on the Joystick will move the mouse respectively. This allows the use of a Joystick instead of the mouse. This solution was created as a demonstration for a product that could not have a clean surface for a mouse pad (for example industrial computer near am outdoor machine).

  Phase-State Programming  

This project demonstrates a good method for programming in the parallel world. The code uses a pseudo engine for simplicity.

  Project Publisher  

In order to publish project online a good and simple source code parser was required. This project includes a library, a public WebService and a demo code.

  Star Menu  

This project was developed as an experiment with Car-PC user interface. The goal was to test the usability of a Star Menu concept. The tool demonstrates the use of several technologies that might be useful such as .Net Interop, Abducting and releasing a window, use of Windows Media Player Active X control and more.

  Various Code Snippets  

This section has a collection of code snippets that I found useful or had to produce because it was difficult to find a similar sample online

  Visual Studio 2010 Basic Samples  

The code samples here were presented as part of a Visual Studio 2010 presentation. The code is a collection of basic samples demonstrating the use of C# TPL, C++ PPL, and F# for the first time.


This is a collection of classes using Windows API sets. You can download the library as a setup application. The setup will let you choose whether to install the dll files, sources files, and other modules.

  WinUSB Component  

WinUSB is a new technology by Microsoft and part of the Win32 API. WinUSB library includes a driver and a user-mode wrapper and API. There is no need to write custom USB device drivers when WinUSB can be used. Learn more about WinUSB on the MSDN Library.