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Multi-Core & Parallel Computing, November 2009, Israel

Pacific Software and Eastronics joined forces to organize an open-day about Multi-Core programming and parallel computing. The event was endorsed by Intel and Microsoft and was held on Nov 23'rd 2009 in Herzelia, Israel.

Here is the agenda:



Registration and Exhibition


Welcome to the open day / Pacific Software - Chaim Geron CEO
Chaim Geron, CEO of Pacific Software introduced the open day and Pacific Software
Presentation slides can be viewed here
Roadmap of Intel Multi-Core CPUs / Eastronics - Nir Arazy, Intel Field Application Engineer
The session presented the families of Intel Multi-Core CPUs available at present and in the future
Watch the presentation as PDF here
Introduction to Multi-Core Programming / Pacific Software - Asaf Shelly
The session covered the basic concepts of parallel programming as grounds for the next sessions. These concept apply for single-core and are now relevant more than ever with multi-core CPUs.
Session presentation can be downloaded here: Introduction to Multi-Core Programming
Session demos can be downloaded here and source code can be viewed here: Serial User Interface, Parallel User Interface


Coffee Break and Exhibition


Intel Software Tools for Multi-Core Programming / Intel - Gưy Ben Haım- Senior Application Engineer
This presentation covered Intel's tools and studio for Multi-Core programming and parallel computing
Download the presentation as PDF here
Multi-Core Programming with Visual Studio 2010 / Pacific Software - Asaf Shelly
This session was presented several months before the formal release of Visual Studio 2010. The major advancement that this new release has to offer over the previous version of Visual Studio 2008 is parallel computing support. These include built-in language support, advanced debugging tools, profiling tools and modeling tools.
Session presentation can be downloaded here: Multi-Core Programming with Visual Studio 2010
Session demos can be downloaded here: Visual Studio 2010 Code Samples and source code can be viewed here: Visual Studio 2010 Parallel Code Samples


Lunch Break


Parallel Programming Models and Techniques / Pacific Software - Asaf Shelly
Parallel Programming is still partially supported by programming languages. There are also new and existing API sets for parallel computing. The most important information for completing the picture are the work models for the parallel environment. These models are fundamentally different from the models commonly used today. This session presented new models side by side with old and forgotten models for working in a parallel environment.
Session presentation can be downloaded here: Parallel Programming Models and Techniques 
Windows Server 2008 Storage Solutions / Eastronics - Leeor Avrahami, � Storage Systems Field Application Engineer
Windows Embedded Server 2008 is designed for embedded solution and has built-in security features and high reliability. It is the solution for OEM looking for long term availability.
Keynote Speaker / Michael Sullivan - Microsoft MEA Platform Strategy Manager
Michael presented Microsoft's roadmap for HPC systems and parallel programming. Michael explained Microsoft's dedication to HPC Cluster applications and the value in future releases. At the end of the event Michael met with representatives of high profile companies.
Microsoft Windows HPC  / Pacific Software - Avi Kcholi
Windows Server 2008 R2 HPC Edition allows utilization of tens, hundreds and even thousands of compute units simultaneously and includes a sophisticated task management engine, The end user operated the cluster seamlessly and without being aware that a single request travels to hundreds of machines before returning. Solutions include databases, file systems, Matlab, and more.


Summary and prize draw