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Below is a list of articles, blogs, and bloggers who talked about Parallel Computing and had a few interesting points or relevant information



Asaf Shelly at and


Intel's community for Multicore and Parallel Computing has up to date articles by leading professors and technologists.


Michael Suess's blog is the web site Michael used to keeps up to date information and news about Parallel Computing as well as general technical information and interviews (text). Last entry on the blog is Nov 07.


BCL Team Blog on This article has some introductory information about the .Net Parallel Extensions CTP (Community Technology Preview - 'just a sneak peek, nothing formal'). Titled: "Parallel Extensions CTP and the Parallel Computing Developer Center".


Leafwiz's articles in These talk about his open source library called NParallel which is "A Simple Library which allows you to write asynchronous code easily, almost in a synchronous pattern".


MSDN Native Concurrency blog is a place for Microsoft's dev teams to talk about Parallel Computing extensions for Native C\++.


Sasha Goldshtein's Blog covers .Net Parallel Extensions and CTP specific issues.



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