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About this web site

Graphics, design, usability, code, and content by Asaf Shelly


This web site was originally created as a tool and reference for students attending my courses. Students kept asking for online references and resources but it was too hard to find any.


As my involvement in the area of parallel computing grew larger, so did this web site.


Most of the text and maintenance of this web site is done by me at this point.

The design and graphics and also the code-behind are my creation.

Every so often I upgrade the content, the graphics and the functionality of this web site.


If you have anything to contribute feel free to do so by Contacting me and you will be acknowledged.


Tools used:

Graphics Design - Microsoft Expression Design, Microsoft Paint

Code - Visual Studio 2005 - C# Asp.Net

Video - Windows Media Encoder, Microsoft Movie Maker 2

HTML - Frontpage 2003 SP1



About Asaf Shelly

1 of 3000 Microsoft MVP world wide (Digital Media MVP)

Over 10 years experience with software and hardware development
Author of the book Expert one on one Visual C++, currently 600 pages on the review stage
Certified Microsoft Windows CE 6 Trainer
Only one lecturing on Microsoft's TechED Event in Eilat about Parallel Computing, 250 attendees.
In direct contact and close relations with Microsoft's R&D team for parallel solutions
In direct contact and close relations with Intel's Multicore community manager
Asaf has ten days of original course content about Parallel Computing with Pacific Software has been running for over a year, with customers such as Intel Haifa, Refael, ICQ, and other companies.
For the past ten years Asaf has been working as a freelance solution provider. Asaf provided drivers to companies like Microsoft, HP, Ness, Nice, Valor, and others. Asaf provided to Israeli channel 10 a video management system, and Israeli Airspace Industry a driver that is widely used on Military airborne devices.

For the past three years Asaf has been leading a project and company called Gal Yam with Mr. Moshe Feldman, as a founder, creating both technical and business development materials.


Read my blog on Intel's website and my blog on Microsoft's website.