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Microsoft Open Day on July 9'th 2008 - Herzlyia, Israel

This open day about Parallel Computing over Windows was hosted by Microsoft Israel, July 9'th 2008.

The session covered Parallel Programming over the Windows environment and is based on my three day course. Every day in the original course was summed up to an hour in this open day. For this reason the session was a rapid walkthrough over the different technologies starting with Win32 API for Parallel Computing, then advanced Win32 technologies: File System, TLS, APC, and ending with .Net Parallel Extensions.

The session was in Hebrew, the slides are in English.

To download the presentation click here.

You can also get a printable PDF file of the presentation here, and watch the presentation online here.

See also the event's pictures.

Event video coming soon.


Here is the invitation sent by email:




Microsoft open day titled Parallel Computing over Windows.